20 - Mär - 2020

You can achieve a lot with strong and innovation-oriented partners

Our products and product developments are worked out in cooperation with absolute specialists, examined in tests and brought to approval.

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11 - Mär - 2020

Modern electrolysis products extend the hygiene horizon

The "APURO active ingredient sodium hypochlorite A10³, which we produce electrolytically, is distinguished in many areas and differs significantly from classic ECA products and products based on sodium hypochlorite.

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07 - Mär - 2020

How innovation carriers clean 2020!

In the field of cleaning (APURO Professional APUROCLEAN+) we have developed a concentrate which has a cleaning, odour-neutralising and germ-reducing effect.

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01 - Mär - 2020

The Microbiom² process - a 2-step system conquers surfaces and rooms!

APURO, in cooperation with the Saarland Institute for Microbiom Care "SaarBIOM" (developer of novel microbiomics products for internal and external microbiom modulation), has developed a 2-step process for the creation of life-friendly rooms and surfaces.

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