Innovation and APURO history

We - APURO GmbH, based in the beautiful Hochsauerland region of Germany - have more than 25 years of B2B experience in the development, production and distribution of disinfectants and have succeeded in putting a particularly marketable disinfectant complex on a professional footing. The well-known APURO active ingredient NaOCl is produced and stabilised in an electrolysis process technology developed by us based on the model of nature (see Neutrophils*). The resulting liquid mineral matrix with the designation APURO A10³ DES has properties and awards which are highly interesting for you as a B2B partner or service provider:

  • VAH-certified for surface disinfection with only 5 minutes exposure time.
  • Has a bactericidal, virucidal, levurocidal, sporicidal and fungicidal effect.
  • Dossier-established in the EU approval procedure and fully marketable.
  • Dermatologically certified with "very good" by the Dermatest Institute.
  • Manufactured in Germany - engineering art "Made in Germany".

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